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Hot Yoga (Power Yoga)

The room is heated to warm and relax the entire body, promoting suppleness and the release of toxins (previous yoga suggested). Whole body & mind transformation.

Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga or Slow Flow

Poses flow from one to another in conjunction with the breath. All levels.
*Slow Flow is more gentle & slow moving.

New! Hot Slow Flow

Moving slower through vinyasa, holding the poses, strengthening while quieting and calming the mind.

Power Yoga Jam

Hot Yoga with upbeat music, creative & challenging sequences. This class is fun & physical.

Pilates Sculpt

The ultimate core challenge. Be ready to rev up your pilates workout! We use weights and medicine balls to strengthen the entire body. See & feel the results immediately!

Hot Yoga Basics

id="basicsp" class="cms-editable"This hot class starts with the basics. Learn how to flow from one pose to the next. Meditation and breath work included.

Heated Flow

Vinyasa Class. Room is heated.


This class is taught by personal trainer - Personal training class in a group setting. Strengthen your body by using weights, bands, benches & medicine balls. Great for overall body strength!

Marianne offers personal sessions

Personal Training $30 per session, 45 min
Yoga Training $50 per session, 60 min
Pilates & Core Strengthening $45 per session, 45 min

We also do team trainings! Great for sports conditioning! Please call for more information (330) 702-YOGA