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Marianne I LOVE teaching. I love what I do and I do what I love. I am a certified yoga instructor, certified to educate yoga instructors, certified Pilates instructor, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor. I am honored to bring my 23 plus years of experience to the mat. I have been training since 1991 and have been physically active all my life. Physical fitness is my passion and Studio Oxygen is my dream – I am living my dream. I received my 200 hour yoga certification through YogaFit and have continued my yoga studies through many teachers including: Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rea, Sean Corne, Johnny Kest, Desiree Rumbaugh, Ana Forrest, Kofi Buscia, Tias Little, Kathryn Budig, Judith Lassiter, Twee Merrigan, Rolf Gates, personal friends/yogis including Sandy Gross, Marni Task, Tami Schneider, and many more.


Shannon Shugart has been teaching yoga for 1 year and assists the teachers training at Studio Oxygen. She was introduced to yoga 15 years ago practicing off and on until settling into a solid practice in 2006. “I have a profound love of yoga, as it has taken me through many healing processes reshaping my mind and body. Yoga has allowed me to come into the fullness of my own self expression and authenticity.” Being inspired by her mentor/teacher, Marianne Hritz, Owner of Studio Oxygen, she completed her 200hr. teaching certification through Cleveland Yoga under teacher Tami Schneider. She has also completed her teaching certification in Children’s Yoga through Child Light Yoga and is currently undergoing her studies to complete her 500hr certification through Live Love Teach under teachers, Philip Urso, Debbie Williamson and Stacy Dockins. Shannon teaches from her heart and is passionate about helping others find their own inner strength and truth. She continues learning from the teachers at Studio Oxygen and by attending workshops taught by Baron Baptiste, Seane Corn and many others. “My best teachers in life been my own life experiences and my son Angelo, who teaches me more about love and life every day, he is one of the truest forms of what yoga means.”  Ubuntu: "I am what I am because of who we all are."


I often joke and tell my students that I think yoga demanded that sense of presence from me because it was so challenging and I was so intense about “getting it right”. Yoga has taught me to “lighten up” and not put so much pressure on having everything perfect! A huge believer in how you practice yoga is how you live your life, I have learned to make a commitment to myself to just show up with a sense of gratitude and let my best for that day be good enough. This incredible healing practice has a had a profound effect on my most important role in life, being a mother to Madison & Michael and wife to Richard I offer eternal gratitude to Heidi Fricke for me the “accidental gift” of yoga and Marianne for encouraging me to share it through teaching.


I've been teaching over two years now and practicing yoga for 7! I had been avid runner my whole life and was searching for a more nurturing way to care for my body. Once I discovered yoga, I experienced a sense of peace that was so foreign to me it was actually surreal at first. However, eventually, I was no longer satisfied with the physical poses associated with my yoga practice. I needed more. I wanted an explanation for what was happening inside me that felt very much like a transformation. So I enrolled in Cleveland’s Awaken to Yoga’s 200- hour yoga training program with the hope of immersing myself into yoga for a full year so that I may begin to understand why this practice of yoga was having such a profound impact on my state of mind. Throughout my training, I discovered so many other elements of yoga, aside from asana, that I can practice and achieve and even greater sense of calm. Meditation, breathing techniques, chakra scans, music, sadhanas, trataka, and yoga nidras are all ways that help me achieve that same sense of peace, but at an even deeper level. However, even now, after I’ve been teaching for over a year, I am still left with questions and realize that I will always have an immense hunger for this 5000 year-old tradition that has become so influential in my life. I know that I will always pursue this practice faithfully and I look forward to sharing yoga with others while I continue on my own personal journey.


Elaine comes to Studio Oxygen after a 35-year teaching career. She began practicing yoga as a result of her daughter’s encouragement in 2007 and immediately fell in love with the practice. As she studied to deepen her practice, Elaine returned to what she knows best: teaching!! She is a graduate of Studio Oxygen’s 200-hour teacher training program and is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. “I enjoy teaching basics classes and helping those new to yoga love it as much as I do. I feel so blessed to be a part of this community. Studio Oxygen is my second home and family.”  Elaine is married and the mother of three grown children.


Gina Price, RYT, is a graduate of the first Studio Oxygen, Yoga Alliance Certified, teacher training program. Gina was introduced to Bikram yoga in 2004 and practiced it weekly for a few years. In 2008, after experiencing many of the benefits of the Bikram style, she wanted to learn more and attended a Yoga Fit teacher training program and began teaching. As with many who are drawn to yoga, the initial benefits were mainly physical. As time went on the overall signs of personal well being that are cultivated through a regular yoga practice began to unveil itself to her. Being physically active for her entire adult life including bodybuilding, running and kettle bell training, Gina strongly believes that yoga can bring a level of balance to any activity and compliment it well. In addition, yoga takes care of the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Gina stresses this in her class, sharing her passion for yoga and encouraging her students to listen their physical bodies and their inner voice. Gina has been inspired by the many wonderful teachers at Studio Oxygen which led her to the teacher training program. She is continually motivated by the opportunity to share her passion with others and is grateful for the experience of unity that shows up as we journey inward in the space shared on the mat.


I have been teaching yoga for 10 years and practicing for twice that! Like many instructors, I came to yoga for the physical benefits and soon found my way to a deeper understanding of the power of this amazing practice. As a graduate at The University of Akron in Advertising and Marketing, I left the workplace after 10 years to raise my two girls. It was then that yoga became a stronger presence in my life. I am a long time student of Vinyasa Yoga, and my certification is through that practice. I find, however, a love for the diversity Yoga. I appreciate and include Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Kundalini, Anusara, Power, Flow, Hatha and more into my practice and my teaching. I consider myself both a teacher and a student of Yoga, wanting to learn and experience as much as I am able. Being then able to share that with others is both gratifying and wonderful. EVERY class, workshop or intensive that I attend offers benefit and I am grateful for every opportunity to be on my mat. When I’m not at the Studio, you’ll find me with my husband, Brian and our two daughters, Kamryn and Maryn. We might be hanging out at home with our dog Mini, or at the barn with the horses. With yoga, I am better…Make the most of your journey.