ux/ui & graphic


designer, project lead, information architect, ux deliverables

civco international

  • HTML & CSS
  • Information Architecture and Wireframes
  • Interaction Designer
  • Team Lead

CIVCO wants to be viewed as both an industry leader in medical equipment as well as being a think—tank — a whole solutions provider. They have remarkable connections with research facilities, luminary doctors, and original equipment manufacturers, and needed a website architecture that better helps people understand all the CIVCO has to offer, as well as making it easy for CIVCO representatives to easily order from the website. One of the major problems to solve was that CIVCO had acquired nine companies over a period of one year, and all of their solutions have to be accurately represented in one website. This one website had to replace five websites.

Their target audience members range from internal customer service to external doctors. Also, the Product pages, which are the guts of the website, needs to feel less like shopping cart pages, and more like solutions pages to emphasized that CIVCO is not a gadgets and products company, but a medical solutions company.

The process started with a discovery document with information from personal interviews from several people from each of the nine national and international divisions, followed by concept map, persona creation, information architecture, wireframes and prototype testing. The other members of the team consisted of Eric Justian (writer) and Leepfrog Technologies (back-end ordering system). My role was the team lead & studio owner, designer and information architect.

The headquarters of the company, located in Kalona IA, has a very Zen-like aesthetic, which should be reflected in the aesthetics of the new website. The attempt was to look professional and to tone down the intimidating nature of some of their medical projects.