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memorize words learning app for iPhone

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Memorize Words is a suite of vocabulary building applications designed to help you memorize thousands of words as quickly as possible while maintaining a 90% retention rate. Constructed to be similar to traditional flash-cards, each day you will review words and learn new words selected automatically based on word frequency. In my role as visual designer and information architect, my goal is to help the user intuitively use the app while not being distracted or annoyed by the interface. There are hundreds of flash–card apps out there, so this one needed to not just function well, but look sophisticated to target the intended audience.

What makes Memorize Words different from flash-cards is that you're reminded of words the moment you are going to forget them. Words that you become proficient at show up less often over the weeks and months. In this manner you can memorize thousands of words yet only review a few difficult words each day. Find out more on their website (not designed by me!)The back–end software was created by Componica LLC in Iowa City, IA.

This app has ranked in the top 4 learning apps in 2008 and has enjoyed great ratings and usage since that time.