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designer, programmer

aerosol halo band

  • ActionScript, HTML and CSS
  • Adobe Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Interaction Designer

Aerosol Halo is an Iowa City based band that has been dormant for a few years after they lost their bass player. Originally formed in 2000, they have enjoyed honors such as headlining at the Double Doors in Chicago, and signing on with Creepy Sleepy Music to produce their third album.

The four musicians that make up Halo (as it‘s commonly called) are inspired by bands such as Guided by Voices, The Verve, Blur, and Real Estate. They aim to be more experimental with their sounds, sounding more like The Shins and Arcade Fire. Although, they still want to maintain a sort of dark sarcasm, they don‘t want to be viewed as overly dark.

The four members have a very deep musical connection, but are all extremely different from each other. This is surprising if you give a listen to their music, because it has a very tight sound…not emanating the four bickering members, symbolized by the winged-creatures flanking opposite corners of the world.

This is a Flash experience as the band wanted heavy animations and a game-like interface and requested Flash. I have included a video in case you are on a device that cannot load Flash.

Below is a video of the website if you are not able to view Flash.