ux/ui & graphic



state of occupation website and flash gallery experience

  • HTML, CSS, ActionScript and JQuery
  • Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Flash
  • Digital and Ink Illustration
  • Interaction Designer

This is a part of a larger body of work that has been exhibited from August – October 2013 as a peer-review, solo exhibition at Southern Connecticut State University Lyman Art Gallery, New Haven CT as well as "The Biennial Faculty Exhibition", Invitational Artist Exhibition McDonough Museum of Art in Youngstown, OH. through February 2012, in July – August 2011 in "Summer Stock", a peer-reviewed, invitational exhibition with three artists total at 1078 Gallery in Chico, CA., and a portion of the works were one exhibit from May –June 2010 as "Stories are Important", a juried solo exhibition at the Kendal Gallery, Iowa City, IA. You can view the website that houses the prints and animations.

My experiences as a first generation American from Polish immigrants and refugees is central to the dreamlike themes and textured stories I create. To tell my stories, I draw from years of graphic design background and a lifetime steeped in the rich, historical narratives I grew up with as a child. The most central stories are about life in a war torn region. The subject presents a challenge when trying to touch people on an emotional level. For decades, news and art have sought to present ever rising images and stories of horror to evoke the desired emotion about war from an increasingly desensitized audience. I have opted, instead, to strive for strong narrative and imagery meant to evoke compassion and empathy instead of horror or revulsion.

The website is a bold, orange color that alerts a user to the subject matter and moves into typographic experiences that are garbled and messy — mirroring how my experiences of luxury mingle with the memories of war and a difficult life of my kin. The animations and digital stories are found at the bottom with clickable prints in the middle. The interactive Flash experience is darker and more illustrative in appearance and houses just the interactive stories, animation and game, and was created with time–line animations as well as ActionScript 3.0. Because it takes longer to download and does not work on every browser/platform, it works best as an in–person exhibition piece.

Follow this link for the animations if you are not able to view Flash by clicking below.