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farber drum studio

  • ActionScript, HTML & CSS
  • Adobe Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Interaction Designer

Jeff Farber is a professional drummer that also teaches lessons to about 65 students a week. His teaching method focuses on creating customized music and transcriptions to meet each students‘ needs.

Known as "Farber", he is a character all of his own; he is a tall, Nordic–looking fellow, that is usually seen wearing striped overalls during the cold months, and a Havana or plaid shirt during the warmer ones.

Prospective drum students research a music teacher, and are drawn to a flashier website, whereas the parents, who are usually the ones that pay for the lessons, want a website that convinces them that a teacher is credible. If the site caters too much to parents, it might bore the students. Conversely, if it is too game–ish, it might be off-putting to the parents, making them feel like Farber might not be a competent teacher. The appearance of his website strikes a happy balance between fun and very usable.

The client requested a Flash website, so I have included a video in case you are on a device that cannot load such files.