ux/ui & graphic


designer, information architect


  • CSS & HTML and Java Script
  • Information Architecture, Wireframes, Paper Prototype
  • Brading
  • Interaction Designer

Cloudblox started as Stringblox and is a product (both software and hardware) created to help maintain servers. The company originated in Ann Arbor, MI and moved to Austin, TX. My role as designer expanded as I conceived an architecture that solved a lot of the programmers problems suggesting an interface that allows drag–and–drop "pods" of information to more easily compare side–by–side server views. With traditional server software, the system's administrator would have to log into each server separately to compare. Server maintenance software is often not GUI–based or attractive, yet a well–designed interface helps to reduce user error.

The business card and logo design represent the physical aspect of these servers as they link together to create their entire environment.