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metamorphosis mural urban revitalization

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Kickstarter Campaing Manager
  • Team Lead

This project was successfully funded using Kickstarter at over $7,400 in 2012 and installed in 2013, and consisted of a team of students and professionals from the Youngstown Business Incubator, led by myself.

The mural design blends urban skyline of Youngstown with industrial steel scenes and technology integrated with nature to show the growth and change of the city from an industrial mecca to that of a technological and soon a cultural one. The mural is designed to span an entire city block, with each student responsible for a "piece" that integrates with the whole. The students involved are Brandi Takas, Bren Munroe, Rob Marlin, Kevin Buck, Paris Chrisopoulos, Blade Birch, with installation help from Cassondra Ohlin. Under my advisement, the students individually designed each of their sections on the computer and then came together weekly for one semester to discuss how their parts integrated to tell an entire visual story. By borrowing images from one-another, the design flows seamlessly for passers-by, or from a greater distance across the street.

Images by Stephen Chalmers and Brandi Takas

Metamorphosis Mural in Youngstown Ohio