designer and creative director

the art courage program

  • Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Creative Direction
  • Branding
  • Cover Design
  • Package Design

Katharine Whitcomb and Brian Goeltzenleuchtr co-authored the "Art Courage Program" hard-copy book and book on tape. To quote Katherine Whitcomb, "[The Art Courage Program] offers readers the tools needed to overcome anxieties associated with all aspects of art. The step-by-step program encourages readers to move beyond negative art reactions, learn from and be healed by their experiences, and find acceptance and even appreciation of art." Considered part self–help book and part cultural critique, the writing is powerful and humorous. Purchase the hard copy book on The book on tape is a limited edition version with a download card and scents conceived by Brian Goeltzenleuchtr that help with art anxiety — art in from art encountered unexpectedly in public places to a formal art exhibition. The book of aphorism works in conjunction with the scent to ease the anxiety experienced from stressful art encounters. My role was to create the visuals for the hard-copy book and book on tape experience and packaging. I recruited my student student, Kristin Holda, to produce the interior of the hard-copy book.

The video below is a presentation of the original concepts where I affect a fictitious personality and ambiguous accent in attempts to &play the role" of designer